#15. Friendship

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I know the general thinking is that family is the most important relationships you can have in your life, and there is some merit to that.  I love my family.  We maybe don’t have the best relationship, but I do love them.  I just wonder if my friendships mean more to me.

There is an openness with friendships that you don’t have with family.  You truly can say anything to a friend.  I know parents tell their kids, ‘honey you can tell me anything’ but do they really mean that?  Do they really want to hear everything?  I am 41, I am a man, but I am sure there are things that my parents still really don’t want to hear about my life.  Friends however you can dump it all on them.  If they are good friends they will listen.  If they are great friends they will listen, not pass judgement, or hold it against you.

Friendships are so diverse.  I have a very good friend here at work that I am close with.  We talk about a lot of different things and he knows things that few others know.  I also know that he might sometime take a different job and move.  If that happens I am pretty sure our friendship will slowly die.  That isn’t to say we wont talk, but it just won’t be as much or the same.  All of this is ok.  This is ok because I believe there are people in your life at certain moments to fit a role.  You might not even know what that role is, but they are fitting some sort of need in your life.  So I would encourage you to embrace those friendships.  There is something to learn from them as well.  Not all friendships are meant to last.

I have a couple of friendships that are very special to me.  These are friendships outside of the one I have with the person I live with.  That friendship is the best of all.  The two I am referring to are very different ones, but have similarities.   Both are people that I don’t talk to all of the time, but we have our periods or spurts.  I just happen to be in spurts with both of them right now.  They are both people who will be in my life forever.  I just know it.  One is some who we just clicked from the moment we met and still click.  That friendship is 95% cyber.  Gotta love the world we live in.  The other one is with someone who we shared experiences that less than 1% of the population will ever experience.  Our friendship is more of a brotherhood.  I am not sure what my point is really other than to say thank you to these people and everyone else that I consider a friend and who considers me a friend.

Life can be empty from time to time, even when it appears to be full.  When it is like that for me I know it is a friend I want to talk to first.  Not my family.  I wonder why that is?  Ummm something to ponder.  Maybe it is back to knowing that they don’t really want to hear everything.

I really love reading David Brooks.  He wrote this fairly recently.

I know I am rambling, but that is what I do.  I guess what I am saying is, enjoy your good friendships.  Don’t ever take them for granted.  You know which ones are good.  Just enjoy them.

#14. Human Rights

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I know it has been sometime since I have written anything, and for the very small number of you that read me, I am sorry.  So what a better way to jump back into this than to talk about something light like Human Rights.

This topic jumped into my head after reading an op-ed by Nicolas Kristof about Religious Freedom.  Mainly it discussed the continuing persecution that different religions undergo around the world.  That has been happening since the dawn of man, or the dawn of religion.  So that doesn’t bother me and as you might assume it doesn’t move me much either.

What did attract my attention was in the very last paragraph, “Yet religious freedom is one of the most basic of human rights….”.  So what gets me about this is, who defines human rights?  And where is it stated that it should be a freedom?  I feel like once again this is a case where and American is projecting our views on other parts of the world.  We claim to have religious freedoms here and so maybe we are the ones who have said it is a “human right”.  Just because we believe that doesn’t make it so.

If you live in a Islamic nation and are Christian, or decide to become a Christian, are you not doing that with the understanding there could be repercussions?  If the laws of the countries are based on Islamic law, then those are the laws of the country.  I am not sure I agree that all countries should bend their laws and ways for everyone.  I guess what I am saying is, I am not sure religious freedom is a right.  We are all subject to the laws in the country that we live or visit.  We have seen this time and time again.

Is it a right to spit?  By the actions of people in mainland China I would say they believe so.  But you best not spit in Singapore.  Damn Singapore taking away that right.  Where will it end!!!

#13. Ramblings

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I am not sure this post is going to have much direction.  Mainly just some random thoughts that have been floating around in my head.  So I am apologizing now that there isn’t really a topic here.  

People fascinate me.  If I would have been smart when I was younger I would have pursued some sort of degree where I could just study people.  I know I am not alone in this.  I am sure the three people who are reading this are fascinated with them as well.  I spent last week in Mexico having fun with friends and the wonderful girl.  A lot of the time was sitting around drinking by or in the pool watching people.  What is fun about this is that everyone is on vacation so you really get the raw human condition.  Most do not give a flip about anything because they know they wont see any of these people again, or maybe I am really wrong and they do not give a flip at any point of time.  People wear clothes, aka swimsuits, that they should not be wearing.  Even fat people do not want to look at fat people.  Once again I know none of this make sense, I just know watching people excites me.  The human condition is amazing to me.  This is kind of surprising because for the most people I do not like people.  This is pointed out to me by a friend of mine at work.  He asks me to go out and have drinks with him on Friday after work.  Normally me declining and accepting is based on who else is going to be there.  If there is going to be people there that I know will bug me after five mins I normally say no.  Now he is a good friend and just laughs about it, but is it something that is funny?

A plane is lost in Indian Ocean and a month later so no idea where that plane went down.  Most normal people feel bad about hundreds lost and the families that have lost loved ones.  Not me.  I am fascinated by the fact that with the technology in the world today we were able to lose a plane.   I really didn’t think twice about the fact that people died and their loved ones will never see them again.  How did we lose that plane?!!  Sorry, we is the wrong word there. I really had nothing involved with the tracking of the plane.  How did they lose that fucking plane?!!  

While I was on vacation a ferry in South Korea decided to turn to fast and fall over.  Once again people are upset by this event.  Last I had heard 50 dead and over 200 “missing”.  I love that term, missing.  Wouldn’t it be refreshing if the media came out and said, ” 50 are confirmed dead and over 200 missing, but lets be real about it…they are dead.”  I guess this goes back to our strange reaction to death and how it is always such an awful thing.   Death happens every second of the day. Sometimes it is awful, sometimes it is beautiful, but it is still the same.  Someone has left the earth.  Because over 200 people die at once doesn’t make it more tragic than anyone else dying.  People die.  The world isn’t flowers all of the time.  Actually it isn’t flowers most of the time.  

So the question that I have been asking of myself recently is, what is wrong with me?  I have been asking myself this question a lot recently, for various reasons I think actually.  Anyhow am I broken in some sort of way because these events do not move me, because they really don’t at all.  Does that make a bad person?  Maybe a bit of a sociopath?  I don’t know.  I just know I hear people around me be affected by events and I am not.  I don’t know.   I wish I had a better grasp on that.  

So maybe it wasn’t so much rambling as much as it was about how I don’t seem to care about people…  

#12. Race and America

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I have been debating about this topic for awhile now, but my friend at work showed me the below video and now I want to write.

Stephen A Smith and Mr. Hall (you will need to right click to open)

Might want to watch before you read on…

I understand that race is one of those topics that can easily set people off and I can’t promise what I write wont do that.  I don’t think my beliefs are bad, but more honest to what I believe.  I guess we will see how this goes.  Seeing that the only people who read this are people who know me and say they like me, I am most likely safe.

What is more important, your race or your nationality?  I think this question, or maybe the answer, is a core problem with the United States.  Stephen A Smith touches on this a bit.  He makes a statement that blacks make up only 14% of the United States.  Also stating they are not the majority minority anymore.  Now I am not going to even say that I understand the struggles and issues minorities have had, and at times still have in this country.  I know I don’t.  But does it help that we continue to make a point of it?  This is all races.   It seems to me that everything we say, ‘I am black’ or ‘I am white’ it puts that much more of a separation between us.  What I did like about what Mr. Smith said, was that just because you’re black doesn’t mean you need to support every issue that involves a black person.  This is a lesson that all races need to understand.

There once was a time in this country when people related who they are to the state that they came from.  They were not black, or white, but a Coloradoan, or Virginian.  I kind of miss those days.  I think where we are from or the region we relate to tells us a lot more about who we are than our race.   I digress however.

We have a lot of issues in this country.  Racism, both ways, is a big one.  Racism is not just white people talking bad about minorities.  You’re all pretty smart so I don’t think I need to define racism for you or spell out what I mean.  What I do believe is that the more we make an issue out of race the bigger the problem becomes.  Should it be ignored?  No, but it also shouldn’t be a crutch.  It should be an excuse for not bettering oneself.  It shouldn’t be another races fault that you were not able to succeed in life.  Once again, life is about choices.  The people that succeed are the ones who are able to rise up and over come their challenges.  People who understand that it is going to be hard, but don’t let that or anyone stand in their way of getting out of the hell they find themselves in.  I know I have sent this to most of the people who read this, but if you haven’t read this please take the time.  Great writing about success of two black people.  Esquire.  Once again off topic.

Everyone is to blame for this referring to oneself by their race.  Mainly whites, I think.  I have no data to support this, but I am pretty sure it would have been whites to started to refer to Asians as Asian Americans and blacks as African Americans.  Why are we not just all Americans?  Are we the only country that does this I wonder?  And when I say that, I don’t mean in some government form I just mean common people.  Maybe everyone does it.  Maybe I am just rambling about nothing.  I think I would like us to get to a point where we are simply Americans.  We are not black or white or brown.  Just Americans.  How much better of a place would that be?  I tend to think it would be a lot better.

That was more rambling from a rambler…




Oh the country that I do truly love.   Oh the statements and choices that we make.  Oh boy…

So this wonderful rant isn’t so much about the people of this country, but rather about the government and policies of said government.  Now before I start blasting let me say this.  I love this country, I truly do.  I proudly served four years and wish I would have done more.  I have traveled to a lot of places and am not sure I would want to live anywhere else.

Ok enough of the fluff..

Why do our leaders make the statements they do?  Today President Obama, who for the most part I like, made the statement that if Russia continues with Ukraine we will “isolate Russia”.  Really?  Do we really believe that the number two oil producing country in the world needs the United States?  I understand we are still the largest economy in the world, but there are a lot of places in the world that operate just fine without us.  This isn’t the 1950s when we really were the only country in the world that was fit to do anything.  The arrogance of our leaders.  The correct statement should have been, we will back whatever course Europe wants to take.  This is a European problem.  Not a United States problem.  Well that isn’t totally true.  We have made it our problem because of our policies.  More on that in a bit.

I am guessing that the leaders of Europe are wishing we should shut the hell up.  Western Europe receive the majority of their natural gas from Russia, via Ukraine.   The last thing want is for Putin, who might be a bit crazy, to close that valve.   The truth for Europe is, as long as you keep sending us NG we might not really care what you do with Ukraine.  This might sound cold, but for the most part it is true, I think.  I don’t think many countries really care what happens to others, as long as they continue to operate ok and are safe.  I think people like to believe that people really do care about others around the world, but I am just not that sold.  Humans are greedy self centered awful creatures…for the most part.

Now back to why we have made it our problem.

We have always been this country that promotes Democracy.  We have this crazy belief that everyone should be democratic.  Well that is simply crazy talk.  It doesn’t work everywhere.  There isn’t one perfect form of government.  Anyhow with the recent events in Ukraine we have put ourselves in a corner with democracy.  The people of Ukraine have spoken about what they want for their country and now the Russians might want something to say about that.  So what do we do?  The problem is if Ukraine had a lot of oil or something we could use we would have planes and troops flying in right now.  But the stool we get on talking about democracy isn’t enough for troops and planes.  It is just talk.  It is nothing more than hot air escaping our lungs.  We really don’t care what your government is.  Hell look at Saudi Arabia, and how close are we with them?  So it is out problem in that if we don’t do anything everyone will know our hot air about democracy.  We will do something lame.  Something that doesn’t have any weight behind it.  Something that will make the people of the world shake their heads and dislike us a bit more.  We are good at that you know.  Good at giving reasons why people shouldn’t like this great country and the people that live here.

#10. Information

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Since I have read this article I have had conversations and many thoughts about this topic of information.  Should all information be free?  Should the time that people put in to discover cool shit in this world be free for all of us to access?

I have a couple of thoughts on this dull topic that I would like to share.

First, I think it is a wonderful thought that all information is free for everyone to expand their horizons and thoughts.  The fact is there is a lot of information out there in the world that people are not able to access because of the price involved.  Wouldn’t it be a wonderful place where information and knowledge didn’t have to come at such a steep price?

It is a cute idea, but it is also bunk.  Bunk because very few people in this world do things for free. People who do ground breaking research don’t do it because it is fun, well some of the sickos might, but most do it because that is the field they are in and more importantly they are getting paid to do it.  So if someone is getting paid to discover or put together the information, then us slubs should have to pay for that information to be put into our heads.   Hacking into databases is not cool.

Now part 2.  Where I break away from this is in what Snowden did, you know the NSA whistle blower guy.  This I am ok with.  Kind of strange to hear from someone who leans more to the right on political stuff, and served in the Navy.  I get the protecting our country bit, but I also think there are limits.  We shouldn’t be having to worry about if the government is taping our phones, or reading our emails.  Most of us are on the up and up, but we still may say or do things that we do not want the authorities to know about.  I know I do.  I know they have algorithms that tell the NSA if what someone is saying is a trend or a one time deal, but fuck all where does it end?  So this type of information should be out there for people to know.  Snowden signed contracts saying he wouldn’t say anything about what he was working on, and for that is might be a lying shit.  I like what the lying shit did however.

Remember what Jefferson said, “When the people fear their government there is tyranny, When the government fears the people there is freedom”.  So maybe the government is happy this information was release.  More people to fear them.


For the handful of you who read this dribble, you have survived 10 posts.  Well on my way to being a real blogging type.

I suggest this blog for really quality writing and content.

#9. Updates and Changes

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As you can see I have been playing with my Blog.  I have been playing with some different themes and I think I like this one.  So this is what it will be.  I will work on adding pictures from time to time to add some flare.  Oh yes, flare.

Also there are going to be posts with recipes.  These are not my creations, but ones I have found on the line (Internship).  Hopefully you will enjoy them.  I will try to get more creative in the future.

#7. Education and Family

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My father and I often talk about education and where the United States ranks globally.  How we continue to fall behind in math and sciences.  I am not sure anyone really knows what the problem is; money?  bad teachers?  poor school?  I can tell you I don’t think money is the solution, for a few reasons.

Currently we have a system where schools receive the majority of their money from local taxes and state taxes.  This system isn’t the best, but I do believe it is better than the majority of the funds coming from the federal government.  I am not sure why our system is set up the way it is, but I would like to venture a guess.  (one would think with a history degree I would know this)  There were schools before a Department of Education.  So communities had to figure out a good way to pay for schools, and what a better way then the community.  Makes complete sense to me.  That is my simple reason why.  I am sure there is a far more in-depth reason.

This still holds good today I believe.  If the Feds were giving more money, then they would want more control.  Don’t try to try to tell yourself they wouldn’t, because they would.  Communities should still have control over what their kids are being taught.  Inner city Chicago should have different curriculum than rural Iowa.  They should have that control, not D.C.  The one draw back to this argument is that times have changed.  When school systems were put in place and curriculum for the school or district was established, people didn’t leave their towns.  We were not as mobile as we are now.  A school in Iowa could focus on agriculture stuff because that is what those kids were going to be doing.  So should there be a partial national curriculum to help kids be prepared to compete in what is truly a global market place?  Maybe.  I need to think about that some more.  But maybe.

What I don’t hear or read people saying, not saying no one is I just don’t see it, is the breakdown of our family unit as a primary factor.  This and the melting pot that is America I believe are the two biggest factors.   Let me clear something up.  I am not someone whose life is dictated by religion, so I am not going to spout off to you about how people shouldn’t get DEvorced.  Yes there is a reason I spelled it that way.  Inside joke with someone.  But what I do believe is that our increasing single mother homes and absent father’s does affect how kids learn.  Not all kids, but a lot of kids.  It is hard enough raising a family with two incomes, let alone one.  Plus the majority of the parents who are raising children are women, and as crazy as it may sound they are still paid less than men in most cases.  So you have a women who is tired as shit from working and raising kids, how important is education at that time?  They are more likely more worried about what their kids are going to eat and that they are off the street than 2×2=4.  4, right?

Once again this isn’t going to be a focus on the family rant.  But there needs to be something that helps families.  Something that gives training to mothers, or provides some outside support to mothers (I know I should be saying fathers, but who are we really kidding with that.  I will talk about my opinion of men some other time).  I do not believe we are failing our children in the schools, I believe we are failing them at home.  Now this is not only a financial thing.  This is also a cultural thing.

We are a melting pot.  That has some wonderful benefits, but it is also exposes some ugly truths.  One of those ugly truths is that not all cultures put the same value on education.  It is possible that those kids cause problems in the class room that hurt the learning of the kids who do want to be there.  Is that fair to them or their families?  They might work really hard and some dipshit who doesn’t care because his parents/parent don’t care is disruptive.  This disruption causing the flow to be thrown off.  The dipshit can be sent out of the room, but is that a long term solution?  Do we get to a point where we figure out who the dipshits are early on and say you can only work in fast food?  That isn’t fair as well.  Once again, back to the home.  If the parents care, or have the time and energy to care this might happen less.  We also have cultures that we oppressed for a long time.  Cultures that are still learning how to learn and the importance of learning.  There is a cycle, but how do we break it?

The other thing that I believe is happening is people are having kids before they are ready to have kids.  They might be a couple that is married and maybe even happily, but they have a kid before they are established in careers or finished school.  Having kids is expensive and puts young families in an even more difficult spot.  They now how to possibly go to school, $$$$, and raise a child, $$$$$$$.  That is a lot to over come.  The number one reasons people get DEvorced?  Not because the man can’t keep it in his pants.  Money.  Money issues are the number one reason.

I guess I should clear this up now, if you didn’t know, I don’t have kids nor do I want them.  They are cute, sometimes even smell funny but they are not for me.  So maybe I shouldn’t be commenting on them, but it is my blog so I am going to rant about my opinions.

People need to start to calculate the expense of having children.  Because that expense is not small.  People need to determine how is having a child going to affect my long term success in whatever field they want to pursue.  We are not getting richer as a nation.  There is more and more competition for good jobs.  Oh and less and less good jobs.  It is often a beautiful world out there, but it is also hard.  So my advice to anyone who is reading, however most of you this doesn’t apply too, really think about it before you decide to have kids.  Have all the sex you want, just do what you can to make sure no kids come out of if you’re not ready.  Not only short term, but long term as well.




#6. Judgments and Bad Choices

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If you have been following the news you have heard about the giraffe that was killed at the Denmark zoo.  Some people here in the U S of A seem to be upset by this.  Why?

We will come back to that question.  Let me make a few things clear first.  I love animals.  I have a dog that I really enjoy.  She tends to lick a bit too much, but all dogs have their own quirks.  My favorite wild animal has always been whales.  I have never been happy with the hunts that have gone on for years, but they are better than they used to be.  I don’t hunt.  I believe most animal’s do have personalities, and most likely have feelings.  So you would think that I would be someone who has an issue with what they did, but I don’t and I think the uproar is a bit odd.

The animal belonged to the Danes, not to anyone in the United States, England, or France.  It was their animal so they should be able to do whatever the hell they want with it.  We don’t have to agree to what they did, but we should respect the choice that they have made.  Who the hell are we too pass judgment on what they do with their property?  The only thing they did wrong was inviting the public.  Yes there was some anatomy learning for people, but they should have talked to their PR people about this first.  Any good PR person would tell them hell no you’re not inviting the public.  They would have understood the shit-storm that this has caused.  Anyhow is it really a mystery to people why people around the world have issues with us?  I mean it seems to me that are always passing judgments on how OTHERS live.  Can’t we just worry about ourselves.  Ok I am off my box on that topic.

Should companies pay for events or dinners for their employee’s when there is a high possibility that someone is going to get really drunk and possibly make the company look bad?  A friend recently told me about an episode with his company.  There was a dinner with the department head, a couple of managers, a supervisor and one worker that works for the supervisor.  They go to a pretty nice place.  The supervisor’s wife starts to do some drinking, serious drinking.  She drinks to a point that causes the restaurant personal to pull aside the department head to inform him they are cutting her off.  He passes this information to her husband, and he to her.  She isn’t pleased with this and gets up and leaves and doesn’t return.  Oh I should mention that her language was a bit colorful during this meal.  The company also provided transportation for the people.

So what should companies do?  I think rewards for employees are good thing, but when there is a possibility that the company is going to be embarrassed, is it worth it?  Is it right that the company provided transportation?  Yes it is good they do that, no one should drink and drive.  Are you not inviting that type of situation by giving them a ride to and from the restaurant?  I don’t think it is an easy question to answer.  Do you exclude people who you know are going to act like this?  All of these people are grown ass people.  They have kids.  This person shows no respect to the company the provides for her family.   Maybe more importantly this person showed no respect to her husband.  So bad choices.  Who knows what this company will do in the future, but I am sure they are considering not inviting some people where the drink will be flowing.

#5. Text messages

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So every so often I am going to post text messages from my friends in Seattle.  We tend to have these group text messages that go off in random directions, but are normally very funny.  I wish I could say that I am witty enough to hang with these people.  


Flipped on the PAC-12 network this morning….were showing the replay of a classic….2006 Gonzaga Ucla NCAA tournament…..never gets hold hearing Guss Johnson…”STONE COLD”!

is that the one where Morrison cries on the floor?

Poor jim, always living in the past…

I saw  the special yesterday of when notre dame beat ucla to break woodens win streak..

Who’s Wooden?

Just another old dead guy..

Isn’t he the character from Toy Story?

That’s Digger Phelps claim to fame. He beat ucla in one big game…. What they don’t say is than ucla and ND played home and away the same year. Ucla put the screws to ND a week later by 30 I think.

Yes living in the past. It’s nice to look back and remember titles the teams you root for won……

I thought Digger’s claim to fame was that he outlived Wooden

Wooden lived to be 99….. It agonizes digger to be alive. Having to live with the fact that the biggest game he ever won was a regular season game.

Aaaah I still remember that night fondly. Renee’s drunk’n rant at halftime. Than the furious comeback by ucla and Guss’s stone cold call. That was the night the curse of Renee was born.

Now my curse is just called syphilis.

Diggers daughter is married to Jamie Moyer.


B/c Jamie Moyer once raised the 12th Man Flag

Diggers got a good job with espn, probly still has sex too, better than being dead..

Digger gets to watch the Super Bowl.


Naaa id rather be dead…. And be remembered as the coach that reigned over the greatest dynasty in all of sports. And that just shows how ridiculous the 12th man flag is. The bald soccer goalie and Jamie Moyer raised it. Someday there is going to be a raffle.

Check out the band:
Lord Huron
They’re a lot like the Eagles only different

And digger has enough money to rent a penthouse suite in new york, buy a giant pile of blow, and hire 12 hookers, and a couple of dwarfs to throw down the hallway…

Just read the Rams owner bought 60 acres in Inglewood. Look Jim, you might have a NFL team to root for again.

The raffle line made me laugh.

LA would be a cool rivalry.

Thanks Doug…..and Eric I don’t think so…. Maybe a suite in south bend and hookers from south bend but not New York. He still lives in south bend. Minot holding my breath about an LA football team. Unless a guy has 2 billion. 1 for the team and 1 for the stadium.

I’ll bet Digger has that much since the cost of living is low in South Bend.  You should be nicer to him jim

They practiced cutting down the nets before that game for fuck sakes……shouldn’t you be packing Morgan?

Plus dwarfs arent that expensive..

Lord Huron is from LA.

I always forget if its Dwarves or Midgets that are more expensive

  Image HaD to share On my way into my office. I can get a ticket for not wearing my seatbelt but this is legal

Thats because no one cares about the natives..

Well dwarfs have a lot more medical issues they have to pay for so they will do anything for money..

There are 2 good kinds of Mexicans: the one doing my landscaping and the one who has the decency to die when he’s in car wreck.

I was quoting Mitt Romney by the way

My new all time favorite political quote is  “if you ever do that to me again i’ll throw you off the fuckin’ balcony”..

Ha ha they aren’t Mexican.

Duh doug. Jim is the only mexican in hawaii..