#25. Do we really care?

Posted: May 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

This topic has been floating around in my head for a couple of weeks now.  The topic of, do we really care.  I have thought about this often over the years, but it surfaced again after the earthquakes in Nepal.  I was having a discussion with at co-worker about the event and I put out there, do we really care?  Sure people put out how horrible it is and what a tragic loss of life, but how long does that feeling last for most people?

Part of the proof of how little we care came to me from Instagram (which will be another topic coming soon).  People on Instagram posted pictures and how we all need to donate money or whatever to help out these people.  But that lasted like a day.  Doesn’t REAL caring last longer?  When someone you care about loses someone close to them, don’t you check in on them more than just the day after?  Most people will continue to ask how they are doing for months and possibly years.  You certainly do a hell of a lot more than just posting something on Instagram the day after and then go back to your self indulgent pictures.

So that leads me to the question, if we don’t care, then why don’t we care?  Is it because they are different than us.  They live differently.  You see the pictures and think, of course the town feel apart.  Might even be thinking, if they had codes that required the building to withstand X earthquake size this wouldn’t happen.  I know I thought that.  You then have to remember that the building wouldn’t be built at all if it had to meet that code.  The cost of the building would be too much.  Do we not care because our lives are so busy now and we just don’t feel we have time to care or to arrange for $50 to be sent to the Red Cross.   It is easy for our first world problems to over take us.  Or maybe humans, in general, are selfish and if it doesn’t affect them directly they don’t bother.

I think all of the above is true.  I don’t think there is one reason we don’t care, or at least most people don’t care.  I am not saying people who don’t care are bad people.  I actually don’t think that at all.  I think what more prompted this for me was the “I care for two seconds to post something and then move on with my life” people.  Why take the time to do that?  If you don’t care you don’t care.  I think we are all fortunate that there are people in the world who do care.  People who will take the time to really put forth the effort to help out during these events.

So the next time something like this happens, ask yourself, Do I really care?

Do you think I care?

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