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#24. Theory

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In light of all of the issues that we have been experiencing here in the US of A lately I have been working on a theory in my head.  I know not all of the issues are racial, but there is a racial undertone to them.  That being said here is my statement.

If the United States had not won independence from England when we did, would we have the serious issues we have now?

I know this is not one of those things that can be proven, but that is why it is a theory, right?  I am also sure if I did a google search I would find that someone much smarter than I has asked this question as well.  So here we go.

Slavery and man’s natural desire to oppress is the cause of the issues.  Because America allowed slavery this desire to suppress was legalized and commoditized.  Slavery allows one person or group to be legally superior to another group.  This superiority is what I wonder if we are still dealing with today.  Are we still dealing with whites in power feeling they are superior to minorities groups?  We could even take it a bit further.  Has our society continued to evolve in such a way that it isn’t just a racial superiority, but economic as well?  And couldn’t this be traced back to slavery as well?  Is the real problem right now the lack of upward mobility for people?

Back to what I wanted to talk about.  England abolishes slavery in 1833.  So one would guess that as a colony slavery wouldn’t be allowed to happen.  Now I understand this is a simple way to look at this.  I understand that there is a possibility that England would understand that cash crop that cotton was and the need for manpower to plant, cultivate, and harvest this crop.  I do understand that England may have allowed slavery in the south for the purpose of economic growth.  No different than the reason that America needed slavery to grow the agricultural south.   But let us just say that slavery wasn’t allow.  It wasn’t allowed in Canada.  America would still need the manpower, but now it would be paid manpower.  I would imagine that England would offer deals for people to move to the south to work the field for a wage.  This wouldn’t only be offered to whites, but to blacks from their African colonies as well.  If that was the case then blacks would come to America and work as free men and women.  This would establish a level of respect.  Maybe not full respect, but definitely a level of respect.  The respect would have to be there.  As free workers, they could quit and go work a different farm or a different job.  Owners of the farms and business, no different than today, would need to provide a certain amount of respect to keep good workers.   Respect is something slave owners didn’t have.  They believed the slaves to be a lower form of human.  Having workers and not slaves would also expand the buying base.  There would be more people to buy goods and services.   More people to have stores and competition.  Prices would be higher because they had to pay people to works the fields, but I believe the competition would offset those prices.

I feel like I am drifting all over the place.  I guess what I am saying is, how different would we be if we hadn’t gained our independence when we did?  I am not saying it would be perfect. Canada didn’t become independent until the 1900s, and they are not void of racial issues.  But they do seem to be a lot better off than the United States in this area.  I understand this is a very simple way to look at this.  I understand I don’t have all of the details and facts, but look at it from the surface.  Look at it from the simple view that it is coming from.  I just wonder how different it would be.


Something to ponder.