#19. The word for 2015 and blogging

Posted: January 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

The person I will be related to by marriage suggested that I pick a word for the year and it be my theme.  I thought it was a pretty good idea.  I thought about my past year and how I was and came up with a word.  My word for the year is SOFTEN.  I thought about using relax but got fancy and used the online Thesaurus.  So SOFTEN.

This is how I came to this word.  I have felt this past year I have been too hard about things that I can’t control, and things I can control.  Basically I feel like I haven’t been as nice to people and about situations that I could have been.  This past year the company I work for was purchased and I was too negative about it, mainly because I don’t like change.  Not afraid of it, but just don’t like change.  So I was too negative about that I feel.  I have also been too negative towards people.  I know I need to do a better job of not reacting in a negative way to people when something happens that I don’t like or better yet don’t fully understand.  The fact is that most things in our lives we cannot control.  We can however control how we react to these things.  So that being said I am going to work on being SOFTEN to life, loved ones, and even the annoying situations I have to deal with at work.  I welcome encouragement and calling me out when I am not being SOFTEN.

Something else that has been floating around my small mind is blogging.  My previous post about being in awe of creative people prompted this next part.  I have been reading more people’s blogs and creative side, but also realizing how narcissistic it really is.   And I love it.  It feels like most of us, and maybe including me, are screaming hey look at me, read me, love me!!  I don’t think it is a bad thing, actually I really enjoy narcissism.  People should love themselves and not sure it is bad when they point out how great they are.  Can be annoying, but not always bad.  So I guess that is really my point.  I find it funny how much I enjoy reading other people and walking away thinking and laughing to myself, wow that person really loves them some them!!  No one is harder on me than myself, but I still love me some me!!

Slow start to 2015, but I will do better.

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