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Oh the country that I do truly love.   Oh the statements and choices that we make.  Oh boy…

So this wonderful rant isn’t so much about the people of this country, but rather about the government and policies of said government.  Now before I start blasting let me say this.  I love this country, I truly do.  I proudly served four years and wish I would have done more.  I have traveled to a lot of places and am not sure I would want to live anywhere else.

Ok enough of the fluff..

Why do our leaders make the statements they do?  Today President Obama, who for the most part I like, made the statement that if Russia continues with Ukraine we will “isolate Russia”.  Really?  Do we really believe that the number two oil producing country in the world needs the United States?  I understand we are still the largest economy in the world, but there are a lot of places in the world that operate just fine without us.  This isn’t the 1950s when we really were the only country in the world that was fit to do anything.  The arrogance of our leaders.  The correct statement should have been, we will back whatever course Europe wants to take.  This is a European problem.  Not a United States problem.  Well that isn’t totally true.  We have made it our problem because of our policies.  More on that in a bit.

I am guessing that the leaders of Europe are wishing we should shut the hell up.  Western Europe receive the majority of their natural gas from Russia, via Ukraine.   The last thing want is for Putin, who might be a bit crazy, to close that valve.   The truth for Europe is, as long as you keep sending us NG we might not really care what you do with Ukraine.  This might sound cold, but for the most part it is true, I think.  I don’t think many countries really care what happens to others, as long as they continue to operate ok and are safe.  I think people like to believe that people really do care about others around the world, but I am just not that sold.  Humans are greedy self centered awful creatures…for the most part.

Now back to why we have made it our problem.

We have always been this country that promotes Democracy.  We have this crazy belief that everyone should be democratic.  Well that is simply crazy talk.  It doesn’t work everywhere.  There isn’t one perfect form of government.  Anyhow with the recent events in Ukraine we have put ourselves in a corner with democracy.  The people of Ukraine have spoken about what they want for their country and now the Russians might want something to say about that.  So what do we do?  The problem is if Ukraine had a lot of oil or something we could use we would have planes and troops flying in right now.  But the stool we get on talking about democracy isn’t enough for troops and planes.  It is just talk.  It is nothing more than hot air escaping our lungs.  We really don’t care what your government is.  Hell look at Saudi Arabia, and how close are we with them?  So it is out problem in that if we don’t do anything everyone will know our hot air about democracy.  We will do something lame.  Something that doesn’t have any weight behind it.  Something that will make the people of the world shake their heads and dislike us a bit more.  We are good at that you know.  Good at giving reasons why people shouldn’t like this great country and the people that live here.