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#3. Blogging.

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There is like three people who read what I write on and they know me rather well.  One of them I live with, so she really knows how strange I am.  I am sending this blog to someone else who knows me well, she even values my opinions on things.  How twisted is that?  So this post shouldn’t come as a surprise to the people who are reading it.  I will try to stay on task, however I know I am going to start off task so where does that get me.

Blogging.  I always wondered about this blogging thing.  There are millions of people who do this and I always thought, what is the point?  Most people just write stuff and no one ever reads their posts. Unless they are like me and have a few select people reading what you write.  Anyhow, even after only two posts I get it.  It is kind of interested what it does to your thoughts.  How it opens up your mind, or at least it has mine.  I read articles about the world different.  I see issues at work different.  All because I am thinking about how I want to write about that topic.  The problem is I need to do a better job of writing down or remembering my thoughts.  I tend to think of a lot of things but don’t write them down, so they disappear like the wind.  Maybe the wind doesn’t really disappear.  I mean it is always windy somewhere in the world, right?  See I am random.  However you three who are reading this just blaze over that because you know that is just what I do.

I am finding the blog to be a bit therapeutic. I did therapy once.  I liked it.  I recommend it.  Anyhow I find it a bit relaxing.  I like how it feels to share my thoughts.  They are not overly personal thoughts.  Hell they really don’t have much merit at all on life in general, at least I do not think so.  See what I did right right?  I had been writing ‘don’t’ this whole time, and then decided to write do not.  Indians don’t use conjunctions.  I think that is kind of a cool thing, but it is hard to break the habit.  This is a post that isn’t going to mean anything.  This is a post that is just kind of random.  I was going to write about how I see the world.  And what direction I see the world going. Actually I think I still want to write that… I have stuff in my head on that.

#4. The World

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It is super Bowl week and I live in Colorado, however I am not a Broncos fan.  I actually grew up here and was really never a big fan.  I am sure when I was a kid and Denver went to the Super Bowl in the late 80s I was excited, but I never had their posters or shirts.  I do however like Seattle.  I lived there for eights years.  Seattle is really home for me.  So I am listening to sports radio today as I am driving home from work and they are talking about how it was media day and what the players said.  In one case it was more about the lack of what one person said.  

Seattle has a RB named Lynch.  He is great.  He is powerful and quick.  Any team would want him on their team.  But he is not like a lot of other players in the league.  He doesn’t self promote.  He isn’t loud,  You might say he is shy.  He was fined $50k this year for not talking to the media.  Today he was obligated to talk to the media.  So he did, for six minutes and twenty seconds.  He then did another couple of minutes one on one with Deion Sanders.  Sorry I realize that I left the first paragraph talking about sports radio and haven’t addressed that yet her. Most likely not proper writing.  

The show on the radio basically ummm made fun of his lack of words for the media.  Mocking him actually.  Freedom of the press, and Freedom of speech allows people to say what they want.  Both of which I support and believe in, but is there a way to state your opinion about someone without being mean?  I think so.  They could have addressed the fact that what he said wasn’t very important and maybe disrespectful to the media because he walked away after six mins.  They also could have addressed the fact that he doesn’t like to talk to the media.  That he is shy and it isn’t his thing.  Most importantly they could have said that is an ok thing.  That not everyone is cut out to do that kind of thing.  But they didn’t.  They didn’t because that isn’t what people in our world want to hear.  I think most people in our world, and because Lynch plays for Seattle and it was a Denver station, people want the radio guys to be mean.  I don’t know if they are really mean people, but how they treated this situation was mean.  At least I saw it as mean.  At least I found it mean.  As someone who is like Lynch, and introvert who struggles with talking to a lot of people, it got to me.  I was kind of hurt by it because there was so little respect for the man and who he is.  Maybe I was just made they were picking on a Seahawk, but I don’t think that was it.

I think we live in a mean world.  Maybe it has always been mean.  I talk often with people about the direction I see our society going.  I have very specific areas I point to as to why we are going in this direction.  Some are valid.  Some are very non-PC and maybe will never be put on this blog.  The point for this post is that people are mean when they don’t even need to be mean to get their point across.  What does that say about us as a people that we always seem to have to be mean.  I know I fall into this trap more often then I should.  I know as I am writing this I am thinking about the mean things I have said about others.  Even today.  I know I was mean about a situation at work today.  I need to be better about not being mean in my words and in my thoughts about others.  It all has to start somewhere right?  I mean we have to try and be better to our common man, right?   Doesn’t mean we have to give people money, or buy them a shot of Jack but I think we do have to be better. 

So I encourage the four of you, lets try and be nicer.  Let us hold each other accountable for our words and actions.  People around us might not notice, but it will help us be better people in the long run….. and isn’t that always worth it?

#2. The Poor

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This is a post that might upset some…

We have a person in our office who is rather open about her financial situation.  This person recently went and had lunch with their department and told this story how they, two in the family, only had $20 left for the week to eat on.  We get paid every Friday.  A week or two later the company gave everyone a one thousand dollar Christmas bonus, and this person was excited because now they could have Christmas and didn’t have a problem sharing that.  And Christmas was going to be getting their stuff out of the pawnshop.  We found out that a thousand dollars goes pretty fast when you have to do that.  Oh and in there somewhere they decided it was a good idea to get a dog.  I have a dog.  Fuckers can be expensive.  The best part of the non filter of this person is at a different lunch they point out that they did community service where they were having lunch.  It was a golf course.

So you might be asking yourself, as I am, Mad Cow, what is the point of this?  Well there are a couple of points.

1.There is a big cultural difference between people on the factory floor and the office.  Us in the office we don’t talk about our money situations.  We know nothing makes a situation more uncomfortable than to bring up your money issues.  I have talked with my buddy at work about stuff before, but that is one on one and behind a closed door.  The floor, they all talk about what they are making the bonuses and shit.  Open books out there.

This issue is not the new person’s fault, at least I don’t think so.  They doesn’t have the experience to know, but I guess I would think she would just know.  Isn’t that something we just know?  Kind of like breathing.

2.  The second point and really the point of this rabble, choices.  Now I understand that some people are put in situations that are not their doing and need help.  Then there are people like this.  Who are poor, but they are poor because of their choices.  So as a society should we be responsible for their choices?  Should we bail them out with our tax dollars because they decided to spend their thousand dollars to get back stuff that was easy to give to the pawn shop?  Or the choice to buy a dog when you’re struggling to feed yourself?  Should those of us who make better choices, maybe not always the best choices, but better ones be responsible for their well being?

I don’t know the answers.  I think it is complicated issue.  I think there was a time in this country where we would help our neighbors and not think twice about it.  But I also think there was a time when people knew there were not safety nets everywhere for them so that help meant something and they didn’t piss it away.  They valued it and made a promise to the lender and themselves that they wouldn’t fall into that pit again.  Maybe I just see the past with rose colored glasses.

#1. The Rules

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Welcome to post #1.  I am 40, I’m a man, and feel like I am rather late to this blogging thing, but hey it is never too late, right?  I am excited about sharing a bit of my world.  I do believe that blogs are a good way for others to understand what other people are like.  The world is a better place when we know what others are like, even if you don’t like what you’re reading.  So that leads me into the topic of this first post, what to expect from this blog.

I am generally a half empty person, so expect more negative than positive. I for the most part don’t enjoy most people, however if you’re my friend and I like you I am very loyal and will always be there for them.  So if you read about me being negative or judgmental towards people, remember I am not crazy about people in general.  Taking this into account I look forward to your thoughts, positive or negative about the topics I write about.  

I do not feel I am a good writer.  I know I will make grammatical errors, and thank god for spell check.  I do encourage you to point out errors that I make.  I can’t get better if I don’t know the mistakes that I am making.  Even if you call me a dumb ass, or something worse, I am open to all comments.

The blog is titled Life and Work, and for the most part that is what I will be posting.  I have worked for the same company since ‘99.  It is a manufacturing company and I have done most positions here.  I am currently the resident geek.  We are located in what some people may call a fly over state, but I am not sure it is a fly over state.  It is close to the middle.  Oh I guess I should state that I am in the United States.  

I hope to learn from this adventure so I can continue to create who I am.